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Ode to My Coffee Pot 10/28/04
Coffee pot, coffee pot;
Old and ugly and white.
Your twelve cup capacity fills me with delight.
Coffee pot, coffee pot;
You're my bestest friend.
I've been drinking coffee since before it was a trend.
Coffee pot, coffee pot;
It's just so darn cool,
How you make me coffee in the morning before school.

Mr. Rogers is My Hero 10/15/04
Oh look at me!
My vest is neat
And on my feet
Are sneakers of bright
Bright white.
My sweater vest of dirty brown
With its nubby texture,
Wipes away all reason to frown
Today in my History lecture.
Hey, look at me right over there;
I look like Mr. Rogers.
I dress myself with greatest care
To look like an old codger.

Close Encounters of the Rodent Kind 10/12/04
Well, just the other day
While I was walking (walking, walking),
What should come by way
As I'm walking (walking, walking)?
Why, 'twas a a small chipmunk!
Who nearly hit my foot!
That stripe-ed little punk!
Just as I had nearly put
My foot upon its head,
It up and changed direction.
This caused me great relief,
For the stupid little chipmunk
Would have brought me wracking grief
If its little head I'd squashed
On the bottom of my shoe.

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Monday, May 16, 2005
So this lady...

...comes up to the service desk (for which I am now training: yay 57c raise!) with this breadmaker. She says something to the effect of "It makes things so brown you can hardly cut them even on low". So my co-worker scans the box and the screen says "no upc". The lady says she got it as a gift and they said they got it here. So aforementioned co-worker takes it over to the computer in the corner and scans it and it comes up as $68 original, down to $15 on clearance. The lady says "I go to Florida most of the year. I just got back. Maybe I should have brought it back last summer." I'm thinking "No shit." My co-worker says "I can give you $15 for it." Lady looks dumbfounded, then miffed. She grabs the breadmaker off the counter and says, in that under-your-breath-but-more-than-loud-enough-to-be-heard-by-the-people-it-is-rudely-directed-at, "Well I'm never shopping here again!" Good God woman! Who in their right mind really expects to get $50 back for a used bread maker that is more than a year old! Who do you think you are! It was a frickin gift! You didn't pay anything for it! Feel lucky that we'd even take it back! You ungrateful old wench!

Posted at 10:52 pm by icantdance

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where does my motivation get off abandoning me like this? When I have an approximately 4 1/2 page take home quiz due tomorrow.....ahh the humanity!

Posted at 02:03 am by icantdance

Thursday, May 05, 2005
I am still alive, I promise

I haven't bothered to update in quite sometime because my computer is an illegitimate whore that deserves to die a painful death. Ok...well...not really, but that's how I've felt about it for the past few weeks. I think I might have at least partway fixed it. It's not shutting itself down at random anymore. I'll get back to actually updating again when the stress of finals and moving out is might get something before then, but don't count on it for about another week and a half. I can post though, because I refrained (several times) from throwing the laptop out my second story bedroom window...through the screen, mind you. My patience may have paid off.

Posted at 12:21 am by icantdance

Thursday, April 21, 2005
My computer is a bitch

She mocks me with her black screen as she shuts herself down time and time again without my permission. I cannot count on fingers or toes the number of times I've wanted to throw the damn stupid piece of crap out of the window. I refrained only because it's awfully expensive.

sidenote: if anyone know how to fix a computer from randomly shutting itself off....sometimes completely random, always when Mcafee Virusscan, Adaware, or Spybot scans are run would be my hero if you told me how.

Posted at 10:42 pm by icantdance

Thursday, April 14, 2005
I'm retarded...and famous!

I thought to myself, "Who does this?" as I watched my elbow begin to bleed. I had been cleaning the counter at the Grille, and, not always being perfectly aware of my surroundings, I brought my elbow down on the serrated metal edge of the economy sized box of plastic wrap, taking off about a dime-sized area of skin from my elbow. Man did it sting! I ran over to Pizza Hut (where the First Aid kit is kept) and grabbed a bandaid...they have the cloth kind. I like those better than plastic. Tracy, the guy working pizza hut had to put it on for me because it is physically impossible to see that part of the elbow without aid of a mirror. Stupid thing bled through in 15 minutes. I shake my fist at both the plastic wrap and my own inattentiveness.

In other news, I have a new shooter update over at Kim duToit's. Now I'm famous. And *blush* those men are so flattering! In all fairness, if there were more female readers I bet they'd say the same thing about Matt...who, by the way, is celebrating his 22nd birthday today.

Posted at 01:29 am by icantdance

Monday, April 11, 2005
I hate spiders

It was a Monday morning...the worst kind of morning. It was 9:00am and I had to get out of bed and shower before my 10 o'clock class. Still tired and half-blind, I made the mistake of reaching for a Kleenex before my glasses. I had it halfway to my face when a black blur (which I knew instinctively was a spider) crawled out from a crease in the tissue. I squeaked and dropped it quickly on the floor. It lay there, mocking me as I went about my morning business. I finally threw it away when I got back from choir. The spider was gone (in my fear I didn't have the presence of mind to squash it in the tissue first)...probably hiding in the impenetrable depths of beneath-the-bed.

Posted at 12:41 pm by icantdance

Monday, March 28, 2005

Today it finally feels like spring. It was up above 60 today. Everything is wet and muddy and brown...but at least it's getting warm. I have a good long post waiting in my head, but I have much work to do this week and so mustn't dawdle here blogging.

Posted at 10:35 pm by icantdance

Monday, February 28, 2005
There are no words

     I hate it beyond description when someone I'd lay down my life for is afflicted with something I can't do anything about. I'm not an overly nurturing or maternal woman, but damn it! When someone I love is hurting I want to comfort them! Sometimes there's an impenetrable immaterial distance between us. Would I run my car on fumes for lack of gas through crappy weather and crappy traffic, just to visit for a few hours...hold them close...reassure them that they are loved? Of course I would! Would I lose sleep and run myself down if I thought it made them a little better? Hell yes! The minute I know it's a bad day I completely lose sight of myself in my concern. I can barely stand it when I know they have to remain alone or (they think) they'd rather be alone.

    I know everyone hates it...but I hate being let down. It stings the way nothing else does, do have hopes that are usually dormant raised to excitement and then squashed. It's partially my own fault too, to place too much importance on something that's not always certain. I know that's being kind of vague...but I do that for a reason because I'm sure most people can relate to the feeling in a way they couldn't relate to a specific incidence.

It hurts. No one's to blame...but it still hurts.

Posted at 04:29 pm by icantdance

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
"I hate technology" and "Why can't we run them off the road?"

I was distressed nearly to the point of tears today because my brand new cellphone just would not work. It was fully charged and indicated full service...but it simply would not dial. Oh, was I upset. I tried, over and over again and completely in vain, to place calls...but alas, 'twouldn't work. So, taking advantage of a momentary firing of synapses, I trudged to the nearest computer lab and emailed Verizon wireless, explaining my dilemma and putting a lot of effort into not coming across as a blubbering idiot. By the time I finished (and failed) my next exam, a reply had come. It said "While the phone is powered on, remove the battery. Wait 5 seconds. Put the battery back in, power the phone on, and try making a call". Lo and behold! It worked. Now I feel stupid for being a little girl about such an easily fixable problem. Stupid technology - deceiving me with the little screen that says "look at me! i'm fully charged! and you have 5 bars of service!", when, in actuality, it won't work until i take the battery out. Nrrrrrrr......aaagghhhhh!

Ok, now that that's out of my system, let me tell you how I feel about people. Not just any people, but people who drive cars.

Since moving to Green Bay, I have noticed that a much larger percentage of people around here drive like inattentive half-wits than in Appleton, where I previously lived. I cannot even count the number of times I have attempted to merge onto the highway in rush hour traffic in a small old car with negative acceleration behind some moron who thinks it's okay to merge at 45mph. Guess what grandpa! You're wrong! Some times it's little old guys in big old cars...timidly peering over the steering wheel. You also get the poorly trained semi drivers and middle-aged folks in minivans. And then there are people who keep an inconsistent speed and ride the middle line while talking on their cellphones. I hate these people. Especially when I'm behind them. I can't afford the extra gas that inconsistent speed burns for me. My car has to rev to 4.5 rpms to kick into higher gears and it drops out of them faster than Paris Hilton drops her panties. I'm a poor college student...I can't afford to kill my poor little crap car.

I don't know...I'm sure most people can relate to my feelings about poor drivers, but I've really been having terrible luck lately. Two weeks ago I was pulling out of the Cub Foods parking lot onto Mason St. and an absentminded middle aged woman in a pseudo-SUV tried switching lanes into me. Not cool soccer mom! Not cool! Then there was the time that I was coming home tge weekend before last and got stuck behind a house. Yes...a house. Two pieces of a house...moving very slowly on their flatbeds down hwy 41, taking up 3/4 the width of the highway. Then I got into town and a semi did a U-turn from the right lane through an entire green light, a red light, and a second green light on a narrow street...narrowly avoiding a utility pole. My jaw dropped. I could not believe what I had seen. Then this past weekend I got stuck behind a yacht, moving ever so slowly upon it's immense trailer. And now my driver's side mirror is cracked...someone probably clipped it as I was parked on the street ouside of the church or Matt's house. People suck! Not in a good way either...sometimes I am tempted to start ripping out my own hair and screaming like a mental patient from the stupidity I witness. It's been eating at me for days. Almost makes me afraid to drive myself....unless I had a really big truck and wouldn't go to jail for running the stupid ones off the road. I'd think of myself as a public service. Like a snowplow, I'd clear the roads of unwanted and dangerous buildup.

Posted at 03:58 pm by icantdance

Future posts...

I've got a few rants that've been brewing for the past few days which I hope to have up by late tomorrow night. I've been dwelling on the incompetents that are actually licensed to drive, and the lack of maturity of so many people in my generation. Expect one or the other or maybe both. may also get one on the declining quality of Hart shows.

'Till then : )

Posted at 12:53 am by icantdance

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